TICA Show Rules

TICA Kittens: Kittens entered in the show must be at least 4 calendar months but less than 8 months of age on the day of the show. Altered kittens are eligible for entry.

Household Pets: HHP over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered. HHP are judged in all rings.
In order to claim titles, regional and international awards they must be registered with TICA.

Registration: With exception of Korats and New Breeds, registration with TICA is not necessary to compete for a cats’ first show, but is required for confirmation of titles and scoring for the TICA regional and international awards.

Transport: The nearest airports are Zaventem (Brussels), Charleroi, Liège & Lille (FR). Regrettable the club cannot provide transport. A map to the venue will be provided with entry confirmations.

Liability: The BTTC will not be held liable of injury, loss or damage to cats, kittens, exhibitors, spectators or property of exhibitors, spectators or vendors or other such person or property in attendance.

Show Rules: TICA Show Rules will be strictly enforced. Rosettes will be awarded in accordance with these rules. By entering all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the Judges and Show Committee. Official Show Rules can be obtained for $7.00 from TICA P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551, USA or from http://www.tica.org/

Clerks/Assistance: If you would like to clerk or help with the show please complete the appropriate section on the entry form or contact the Show Manager directly.

Health Requirements : ALL the cats and kittens must be vaccined against Panleukopenia, Calci, Rhinotracheitis and the rabies for foreigner cat (according to the national and international rules in vigours). No admittance for cats with parasites, fungus or obvious sickness. The DECISIONS of the veterinarians are WITHOUT APPEAL !! (Fees aren’t refundable for cats rejected at the vet check.)

Nota bene : - In Belgium, it’s forbidden to sell cats during all the duration of the show under penalty of fine of the Court !

- Any registration not cancelled before the closing date, make you indebted of the total amount due even in the event of absence on the show.

Please fill all the fields and use a writing printed for a better visibility, thank you

NB.: We point out that it is strictly interdict to sell animals on the show according to the Rules on the Belgian territory